The OA Society

Project | Identity and Magazine design

Client | The Old Aldenhamian Society

Brief | To design an identity for the OA Society, and revamp the Society Magazine

The Old Adenhamian Society was founded in 1902 to help maintain the link between the school and it’s former pupils (OAs). We offered our services to come up with an innovative and modern identity as part of a full revamp of their Society magazine. The magazine was originally called the Aldenhamiana so, along with the editorial team, the name was changed to the OA Review to make it clear what it was. We redesigned the magazine giving a greater clarity between the articles and included many more photos, to bring it up to date and to make the information it contained more readily accessible to the reader. The stock was changed from a coated to an uncoated paper to give it a more news-like feel. The response to the new format has been a resounding success.